Sponsor-A-Horse Program

Sign up to sponsor a horse here! 

For the horses who call this place home, Sunrise Horse Farm offers a safe haven, a gentle hand and a life purpose.  Our training and riding methods are based on the theories of natural horsemanship, which utilizes quietness and patience to communicate with horses in their own language, focusing on developing a trust relationship with these magnificent creatures.

Horses fulfill many important roles. Because horses are herd and prey animals, they are very perceptive regarding feelings.  Horses tend to mirror the feelings and emotions of their handlers. Because a horse cannot communicate with words, they have to show love and hope through their actions.  Our purpose is to create a safe and peaceful environment where broken children, horses, and families can find hope.

By choosing a sponsorship level, you can furthermore ensure quality care to our "equine counselors" and a cost free opportunity to the children who call this their special place in the following ways

  • Countless hours with child and leader one-on-one
  • Daily engagement both physically and mentally
  • Lots of grooming, bathing and carrots
  • Daily hay and grain
  • Vitamins and supplements as needed
  • Professional farrier trimming
  • Tack and equipment replacement

This agreement in no way entitles sponsor to ownership and/or exclusive privileges in any way to sponsored animal or farm property. Sunrise Horse Farm accepts all liability, expressed and/or implied, for sponsored equine. Sponsor has the right to cancel this agreement within a 30 day notice to Sunrise Horse Farm administration. All monies received from sponsor to date of cancellation remain the property of Sunrise Horse Farm. Please note that there may be more than one sponsor per equine. This is to ensure that all of our horses are cared for equally, as the funds go into an account to support all the horses.  Please click here or contact Sunrise for a sponsorship form.