Sunrise Horse Farm began after a group of women read Hope Rising and A Bridge Called Hope by Kim Meeder, owner of Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch in Bend, Oregon. 

Two of the women in this group attended an information clinic at Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch in June 2007, and on August 22, 2007, Sunrise Horse Farm received its corporate status. 

In May 2023, Sunrise Horse Farm moved to a new location just a few miles away, but the program remains the same and the horses are loving their new home. 

Sunrise Horse Farm is involved with several youth and family organizations, as well as local school districts, thus allowing students to participate in programs on the farm during their school hours. 

These students, in their time at Sunrise Horse Farm, learn responsibility by grooming, feeding, and watering the horses in addition to completing other farm chores as needed. 

These sessions are free of charge, and consist of one volunteer paired with a youth or teen.  Sessions last between 30-90 minutes, with time allowed to best serve the unique needs of the individual.

It is the hope of Sunrise Horse Farm that through hands-on experience, youth and young adults will learn the value of family, life, faith, and trust.