Willing hands and willing hearts of volunteers are the life breath of Sunrise Farm. Volunteering has a pulse all of its own, it can usher in meaning and purpose, it can help hearts refocus from self to others, it helps people bond and fosters an atmosphere of family.  From children to grandparents volunteering fills a need each of us have, a need to be needed.

In serving the youth and young adults that participate in our program we want to help them understand that they can make a difference, that they are needed, important and have purpose. 

"Many hands make the load light" is an old adage that rings true through the ages. It is also true for Sunrise. Hearts and the program are blessed in so many ways when people give of their time and talents. Although we have a general list of needs and options when it comes to volunteering, it truly is not exclusive. Volunteers have been cleaning, fixing, feeding, planting and so much  more since the beginning, all without expecting anything in return.

Please give Sunrise a call or email if you have a skill that is not listed but would like to discuss sharing with us. Again, our many thanks!

Appropriate Clothing & Footwear for Sunrise Horse Farm

As you probably know, the weather here in northeastern Wisconsin can change quite drastically. Whether it be from one day to the next, or even within a single day! Therefore, it is very important that, upon arrival to the farm, you are equipped with the appropriate footwear and clothing. We recommend wearing layers, even if it seems like a nice day out, the barn itself where the horses are is partially underground and can be quite cool! As far as footwear is concerned, please wear close-toed and close-heeled shoes! No flip flops or other open-toed sandals. 

Sunrise Horse Farm, Inc 17226 Limekiln Road, Reedsville, WI 54230

phone: 920-772-4135 email: sunrise_horsefarm@yahoo.com


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